© Cidney Hue
© Cidney Hue

Hernandez, Jasmin. “In the Studio with Tania Marmolejo on the Lower East Side”, Gallery Gurls, Studio Visit, December 17, 2017, New York, NY

Dominican-Swedish artist, Tania Marmolejo, paints ethereal goddesses with large haunting eyes. Her women emit fire and ice vibes, paintings of gorgeous bronze-skinned women from the tropics hang next to blonde ice queens. I spent a warm Sunday afternoon in October in her Lower East Side studio getting acquainted with her oil on linen paintings and intricate ink drawings. CONTINUE READING

Simpson, Joe. “Curvaceous Cement,” Diary of a Tile Addict, May 3, 2017, London, UK

The latest additions to Aguayo Tiles’ Elevations collection are Dunes, Curves, Bloom and Wave, the latter two created by renowned artist Tania Marmolejo. CONTINUE READING

Courtesy ArtLeadHER

Tifrere, Mashonda. “Visiting Tania Marmolejo in her Studio,” ArtLeadHER, Interview, November 8, 2016, New York, NY

Curator Mashonda Tifrere launched ArtLeadHER in March 2016 as a dynamic platform to celebrate and bring awareness to the women creating, curating and thriving in the male-dominated art world.

ArtLeadHER provides marketing support, exhibition placement, social media exposure, artists residencies and mentorship opportunities. By pairing new and underexposed female artists with their established contemporaries, artists are given the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and grow in a community of like-minded women.

Mashonda works with a number of artist that produce a wide range of art that differs in scale, approach and mediums. They include figurative, photography, abstract portraiture, sculpture and street art. Taken together, ArtLeadHER is ultimately a celebration of women, providing a platform for acknowledgment and appreciation. READ INTERVIEW

Badajoz, Joaquin. “El universo panóptico de Tania Marmolejo,” La Opinión, October 7, 2015, Los Angeles, CA

Marmolejo traza la ruta de un apasionante mapa pictórico en el que la mujer es arrastrada fuera de su zona de confort y obligada a desafiar el fuego del ojo público. VIEW ARTICLE


Badajoz, Joaquin. “El universo panóptico de Tania Marmolejo,” El Diario Nueva York, October 7, 2015, New York, NY

El gran formato acentúa el efecto de cautiverio, permitiendo que las expresiones muten según la perspectiva, en un simulado paralaje horizontal. Con este zoom in a una de sus marcas de estilo: ojos vivientes, expresivos, rasgos entre animé y realistas, Marmolejo reafirma por qué su obra se separa de la de Audrey Kawasaki, Mark Ryden o Tatiana Suárez —por citar tres narrativas afines—, ocupando una encrucijada propia con su reconocible lenguaje visual. VIEW ARTICLE ONLINE DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

De Tolentino, Marianne. “Tania Marmolejo piensa y pinta,” Periódico Hoy, Octubre 3, 2015, Dominican Republic

“La obra bien hecha surge airosa y potente, sencillísima y arropada de misterio”, decía el escritor Camilo José Cela. Esta observación cabría perfectamente para los grandes rostros de Tania Marmolejo, que ella puede no completar, proponiendo un “close-up” y dejando a nuestras miradas imaginar fuera del cuadro. VIEW ARTICLE

Lugo, Diana. “Tania Marmolejo: el Secreto de las miradas,” Estilos Magazine, September 12, 2015, Dominican Republic

Aunque no es común asociar el misterio de sus obras con el Caribe, la artista dominicana Tania Marmolejo sabe proyectar los colores fuertes y tropicales acompañados de los tonos fríos y hacerlo fascinante, pues al criarse entre dos países tan distintos como lo son República Dominicana y Suecia, siempre le han atraído los medios para presentar sus raíces en todo lo que hace. VIEW ARTICLE

Blush Magazine, Anniversary Edition. Fashion Faces from Dominican Republic. September 2014. Pgs. 179-182. Interview

Tania Marmolejo es una artista plástica que ha cosechado numerosos éxitos a lo largo de su trayectoria, desde sus títulos de Bellas Artes recibidos en Kristiansand (Noruega), en la Escuela de Altos de Chavón y Parsons School of Design en Nueva York, hasta la exposiciones de sus obras a nivel internacional en ferias de arte como Pinta y Context Art Miami. VIEW ARTICLE

Hughes, Rebecca. “Tania Marmolejo: Artist, Designer and All Around Renaissance Woman,” Casa Life Magazine. Year 9, 2014, vol. 1. Pgs. 42-43. Cover and Interview

Born in Santo Domingo to a Swedish mother, Tania Marmolejo comes from an exotic mix of cultures. VIEW ARTICLE

Moore, Katrena. “You’re beautiful: Interview with talented painter Tania Marmolejo,” The Katswalk. Sept 1, 2014

The Katswalk is a style blog that features the chic and talented in the world of independent high fashion, music and film. The website is the lovechild of New York based freelance fashion editor and writer, Katrena Moore, and her experience working with various musicians, artists, fashion houses and magazines. Kat’s accessories edits and style blogs are displayed in top publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Seventeen and CosmoGirl Magazine. The Katswalk reader is one who celebrates the underground. What’s new, as well as ‘unsigned finds’, bringing originality back to entertainment. VIEW ARTICLE

Derringer, Jaime.“12 Favorite Tiles Designs from Coverings 2014,” Design Milk. May 7, 2014

An online magazine founded by artist design expert Jaime Derringer, dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world. Drink up!

Design Milk has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Time Out New York, The San Francisco Chronicle, was one of the Google Reader Engineers’ Staff Picks and has been noted on Twitter’s “Who to Follow” list of influencers in Art and Design. It’s also been featured in books, and is read by many entertainers, hundreds of retailers, magazine editors, and HGTV hosts and designers. Tweets from @designmilk have been featured in Dwell magazine and on HGTV.

Design Milk is a 2013 winner of the A’ Design Award. VIEW ARTICLE

Kaplan, Stephen. “Tania Marmolejo: A Chavón graduate who defines success,” Casa de Campo Living. February 2014

In the pantheon of Altos de Chavón graduates, few have forged careers as varied and exciting as Tania Marmolejo. Willowy, with chestnut-red-brown hair and a quick, wraparound smile that could disarm Iran, Tania studied illustration and fine arts at the Altos de Chavón School of Design in 1998 and earned her four-year university degree at Parsons The New School for Design, in New York, in 2000. She has always been passionately interested in everything, every aspect of art — art for art’s sake, art for profit, and doodles for diversion. Making art is a source of satisfaction for her and has proved to be commercially viable, as well, in almost every combination and permutation. VIEW ARTICLE

Badajoz, Joaquin. “Las nuevas poéticas de Tania Marmolejo,” El Nuevo Herald. Artes y Letras (cover). August 24, 2013

Como recordaba Egon Schiele: “el arte no puede ser moderno, porque es primordialmente eterno”. Esa atemporalidad está también en la obra de Tania Marmolejo. A diferencia de Klimt (y cercano a una zona de su protegido Schiele, en especial sus autorretratos desnudos), la figura femenina en Marmolejo porta una narrativa autobiográfica, no muestra la seducción o el extrañamiento en el cuerpo del otro, sino que describe su propia ruta de la sensualidad, su caos, como un ojo de huracán reservado por el trompe l’oeil. En obras como The Caress (2013), ‘sentimos’ esa fronda mullida: su ilusión tridimensional. VIEW ARTICLE

Galán, Glenda. “El arte provocador de Tania Marmolejo, ” Dominicana en Miami. 2013

Cuando nos enteramos de que Tania había visitado la República Dominicana  para presentar su trabajo, quisimos explorar un poco en su mundo, sus musas y la poesía que transmiten sus obras, a lo que ella amablemente accedió abriéndonos las puertas de su estudio. VIEW ARTICLE 

Badajoz, Joaquin. “Beware of Strangers of the Persuasive Kind…”, Irreversible Magazine. August 2013

Tania Marmolejo’s work mixes those rare qualities of beauty and mystery, modernity and timelessness, and exceeds this vanguard breeze with a very contemporary approach. Her vibrant palette of red, ocher, and gold has the warmth of the sun after a snowstorm, and has the intensity of Egon Schiele passed through a filter of Manga. This is not a simple sum of influences, but a new visual otherness. VIEW ARTICLE 

MIAMI Magazine, Arts & Power Issue, Art Basel Edition. December 2012. Cover 

Comic Timing. Episode 119: C2E2 and MoCCA. April, 2011

Comic Timing is a podcast devoted to the average comic book fan, hosted by Ian Levenstein. Marmolejo was interviewed about her participation at MoCCA Arts Fest, an annual comics festival in New York City hosted by the Society of Illustrators. FULL AUDIO PODCAST PLAY EDITED VERSION

Aguirregomezcorta, Gonzalo: “Tres artista, tres maneras de ilustrar independientes. Tania Marmolejo: el arte de “doodlear” de una dominicana residente en Nueva York,” (MoCCA festival) 2011

Tania Marmolejo fue uno de los escasos exponentes hispanos que mostraron sus trabajos en MoCCA. Esta dominicana afincada en Nueva York ha conseguido que el ‘doodling’ se convierta en arte. Quién no ha garabateado una hoja mientras mantiene una conversación telefónica o piensa en otra cosa. Precisamente ése es el concepto ‘doodle’, dibujos realizados mientras la mente está ocupada en otros menesteres. Tania le da una vuelta de turca, “la naturaleza del ‘doodle’ es ser secundaria en la ejecución, nunca en el resultado”. VIEW ARTICLE 

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