Artist Statement

Some of the most important influences in my work include German and Flemish art of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, and the Figurative and Abstract German Expressionists. Also very influential in color and minimalist subject matter is Scandinavian art, including the Contemporary art scene, which I was immersed in while studying in Norway.

In a different tone and sensibility, Asian erotic paintings —female portraits in particular, with their subtle sensuality—, have an influence in the conceptual and development phases of my current work. I explore techniques and concepts creating a contemporary crossroad of styles, where all those influences overlap.

My current work juxtaposes the intimate and personal with the monumental, creating large-scale painting of ambiguous female facial expressions. I am currently exploring issues of gender and identity as a Scandinavian Caribbean female artist, using the portraits and physical expression as a system of communicating vessels to transfers emotions into the viewers creating affective and emotional empathy.

I’d like to experiment and implement a combination of the above mentioned influences, the older techniques used in large-scale painting, and the loose, emotion- driven concepts of the Expressionists, while retaining the contemporary influence of the more cartoon- and character driven style of the 1950’s to 1980’s that has always influenced me, creating a new, contemporary language in my art.